What I Offer
I have an open referral system and am happy to take referrals from
parents, carers or other professionals involved with your child (with consent
from a person with parental responsibility). I will need to take some details
including your child's name, date of birth, your address and contact
number, alongside information about your concerns.
Part of my commitment to you is that in offering my services
I can confirm adherence to the new General Data Protection Regulations (2018)
which protects your privacy and rights to confidentiality.
Following contact from you if I work with your child you will be sent a copy of our
‘Terms and conditions’ and our ‘Privacy Policy’ for your approval
and signature before starting the sessions. If we do not go ahead with
sessions any data you have provided including names and contact details
will be deleted from our systems

My first session with a child will be assessment based. This is to allow me to
gain a picture of your child's current communication skills including speech
and language development. This may be done informally through play,
sharing games or more formally using standardised assessment tools.
Following the assessment I will discuss my findings with parents/carers.
This will highlight any strengths and areas to develop
along with further steps to take. A possible outcome may be that your child
does not require any therapy or you would like to wait for NHS therapy
input. However if your child is to continue having sessions with me, therapy
aims and goals will be discussed. Detailed reports can also be
written upon request.

Therapy :

Therapy can consist of sessions of 30 minutes or 60 minutes in length,
usually at home or in your child’s educational setting,
dependent on your wishes and also the needs of your child. This time
includes direct therapy time and time to liaise with the adult present.  
Therapy is most effectiv
e when it is followed up regularly in your child's
functional settings. You will therefore  receive activities to practise at home.
The frequency
of  therapy sessions is decided according to the individual
child’s need and this will be discussed directly with the child’s fam
ily at
ent. Please be aware that recommendations for therapy can and
do change over time as children develop.
I have good professional links
with NHS and education staff and feel these are essential to help children
reach their potential.
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